How would you feel if customers told you that they liked your food and drinks, but that they loved how they felt when they where at your restaurant and how the staff made them feel?

We believe that a restaurant must achieve a culture of hospitality rather than a culture of service. Its all about the experience!

That’s why we created Checkplis!


Checkplis is a mobile app integrated into the restaurant POS system so customers can pay, tip and split the check from their phones. This brings streamlined checkouts and faster table turns.

We live in a world that we use our mobiles for everything. Let the staff focus on the customer's experience rather than wasting time swiping credit cards and stressing out with the check. 

  • Let customers receive the check on their phone as soon as they order.

  • Enable customers pay at any point during their dining experience.

  • Simplify splitting the bill without hassle.

When people go out, they don’t do it just to have drinks or food… they go out to have an experience of community, spend time with friends or meet new friends. Checkplis is something new and hip for a restaurant, which makes the moment of paying the bill smooth and effortless. A fun and cool experience to share with friends instead of an awkward moment after a great hang out.