What is checkplis?

Checkplis is a mobile app integrated into your restaurant POS system so customers can pay the check from their phones.

Paying the check from their phones... does that mean there will be less interaction with customers?

Great question!! Letting customers pay the check from their phones will give your staff quality time with your guests, including a warm last goodbye before they leave your restaurant.

So, what if a customer leaves without paying?

Another great question!! If the customer leaves "without paying", you can manually close out the check from your POS System. Just like you would do if the customer gave you her credit card and left without taking the card back. Also, Checkplis guarantees all declined payments.

How much training does the staff needs?

Very little. Your staff can be trained in a simple 5 minutes conversation.

How long will the integration take?

About one hour. We will schedule a time for the install of our software remotely, allowing the connection to your account.

Do I have to change my current POS system?

Not at all. We integrate easily with your current POS system.